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Innovative solutions for today's tough applications

Founded in August of 2011, Zenun Industries has built a solid reputation of doing whatever is needed to take care of the customer.

Due to a rapidly expanding OEM client base the decision was made to start the manufacture of electric heating elements, thermocouples and control systems for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. This gave the company more control of product availability, product quality, instant purchase order acknowledgement and providing the best materials and components available for the customer's applications.

Today our company is positioned to work directly with OEM design engineers, purchasing agents or research & development personnel to provide the optimized solutions to your applications that allow you to succeed.

January 2014 Zenun Industries introduces the Guardian Series of new robust, economical, highly efficient line of Close Coupled AC Motors for the industrial pump market and created new employment opportunities for highly skilled technicians. Assembled in USA by ZENUN Industries.

The Three Pillars of Our Success

Customer Service

Zenun Industries was founded on total "Customer Satisfaction". Our experienced team of sales engineers, engineers, and customer service personnel has been the key pillar to our success.


Zenun Industries is committed to product development and improvement through innovation to broaden our product line and satisfy the diversified markets in which our products are applied.

Delivery When Needed

Zenun Industries takes great pride in its ability to deliver faster than anyone in our industry. Our inventory forecasters ensure materials are stocked and ready to build to meet all of our customers' needs.